Hello! We are Funny Bones Improv.

Funny Bones Improv is a registered 501c3 charitable organization and our mission is to share the gifts and benefits of laughter with sick children, their families, and their caregivers, in multiple hospitals across Chicago and New Orleans through volunteer comedy improvisation performances.

Hospital visits and long-term stays can be stressful for everyone, especially children. It is our goal to provide children with an opportunity to play with laughter and hopefully brighten their day and reduce their stress.

What we do…

Our shows are interactive and improvised, performed in partnership with the Child Life departments at local hospitals in New Orleans and Chicago. Our focus is to connect with the children we visit through kindness, friendship and laughter, to help create a stronger healing space.

We bring a smile to a place that is so often scary, depressing and lonely. With our dedicated team of volunteer improvisers, we are fortunate to share joy, playfulness, and inspiration with approximately 30 children and families every month. Our focus is not on why the child is in the hospital, or what their illness is, but instead on providing an opportunity to improve their health, take a break from their worries and enormous stress, and provide them with a space to laugh.

“I really enjoyed Funny Bones. It put a smile on my son’s face even though he was in pain.” -- Parent, Ochsner Hospital for Children