May God bless you guys for an amazing, uplifting service for our kids/patients. I will forever remember and refer to Funny Bones Improv!

Bryce & Uriyah

You guys are very funny. Worms are really gross!

Tulane Patient

We had an awesome time. Thanks for keeping our kids entertained.

Melvin & Jorge

Thanks for bringing some laughter into our lives during this troubling time.

Lyndell, Ochsner Parent

I love you guys!

Michael H, Chicago Patient

Very cool stuff you have done for us! My favorite part is when we were dancing! Love, A

Angelia, Chicago Patient

Last night was fabulous!   Thanks so much for all that you did to bring everyone together for such a wonderful time.  All of the performers were terrific, connecting so well with the residents and truly showing so much respect and appreciation to one and all.  Many of the residents and staff told me today how much they enjoyed the evening. You all worked sooo HARD and we all had SOOOO MUCH FUN!!!  Thank you and please thank your cast.  We will do it again!

Anne McNulty, Misericordia

I now understand the whole healing through laughter because every time they laughed, we were laughing… it made me feel great… Not only did we have an impact on them but they had an impact on us, and it was awesome.

Nick Demos, Volunteer

It is amazing what you do.  When I was a kid, I was in hospital and what I remember most was the people who came in to do shows and programs with me.  I’ll never forget it.

Corporate Executive

My son will not stop talking about your show.  He’s hooked!


We went to a hospital in New York for treatment and were telling them about your program – everyone should have it


There was a child who missed getting his medal after the show.  But the ladies of Funny Bones made sure that a medal was left for him; they all signed a “card” to him as well.  The next day, the patient came down wearing his Laughing Cow medal and telling anyone and everyone that he got the medal and autographs and had the “card” laminated.  He had the biggest smile on his face!

Child Life Specialist

I needed that laugh; I was even crying from it!  Thank you.  It’s been a while since I’ve had that.


During “Smartest Cow in the World”, one of the children at the show decided that he too spoke “moo”.  And he and our cow began conversing.  What was so amazing was seeing “Kenneth” sit up in his chair (from his slouched position up to this point) and hear his voice rise with confidence as he mooed. That look of stress on his face of being in the hospital that we’d seen prior to his moo exchange had disappeared.

Funny Bones Improv player

Thanks for the Great Show I really enjoyed being apart of it :) You all made me Laugh

Child, Facebook Post