Join our Laughter Society!

Thank you for choosing to support laughter in hospitals for sick children.

Funny Bones Improv depends on your generosity to deliver upon our mission of advocating for laughter in the community. Every contribution, no matter the size, makes an immediate impact to help Funny Bones Improv bring more children, families and individuals laughter and joy at times when they need it most.  As a registered 501c3 public charity, Funny Bones Improv is able to provide charitable receipts to all of our members.

The Laughter Society is an annual membership with benefits including quarterly newsletters about the children we meet, advance invitations to events, coveted squeeze and plush bones, tshirts, and more. Click here for details.

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OR subscribe on a monthly basis – it’s pre-set and easy!

If you have any questions about donations, membership levels, or how to get your corporation involved, please contact Janet Wilson.


Thank you to all of our donors and sponsors for your generous support!

Foundation and Corporate Partners 2014-2015


Audubon Institute
Big Easy Sportsplex
Blues Jeans Bar
Cajun Pride Swamp Tour
City Park
COLBA Chicago
Company Burger
Creole Creamery
Dat Dog
Del Fuego
DoubleTree Hotels
Dreamy Weenies
Elmwood Fitness Center
Elmwood Kidsports
Favorites Promotionals
Ferber Family of Houma Foundation
Five Guys Jubilee NOLA
Franco Family Fund
GG’s Café
Gogo Jewelry
Greater New Orleans Foundation
Habeby Jewelry
Hansen’s Snoballs
Henry Street Fund
High Hat Café
Holley Pavy Foundation
Hotel Ponchartrain
Jazz and Heritage Foundation
John Hershey High School
Karoline Schleh
Krewe of Muses
La Boulangerie
Le Jouet Toy Store
Loews Hotel and Café Adelaide
Marriott Hotel
McEnery Company
Midway Pizza
Mojo Coffee
Mondo Restaurant
Nacho Mamas
Niki Fisk Jewelry
Ochsner Medical System
Palm Tree Playground
Parenting Center
Pho Bistreaux
PJ’s Coffee
Plush Apparel
Precision Wealth Strategies LLC
Premier Event Management LLC
Preservation Hall
Prytania Theater
Roosevelt Hotel
Slim Goodies Diner
St James Cheese Shop
Ste. Marie Brasserie
Steins Deli
Stern Associates
Stir Friday Night
The Goldring Foundation
The Lupin Foundation
The Rusty Nail
Thompson Medical Group
Tulane Business School
Tulane Hospital for Children
Uptown Frames
Urban General Store Inc
Vincent Memorial Fund
Watkins CPA
Wild Lotus Yoga

Individual Partners 2014-2015

Stephanie and Keith Adler
Vanessa Bayer
Hans Bernick
Jane Boettcher
Cecil and Elaine Brauer
Zoe Brett
Helen Camisa
Constnace Catinna
Farai Chiwoha
John and Jennifer Clarke
Jennifer Cramer
Anthony Cuccia
Josh Danzig
Michael Dardant
Jill Derosas
Warren DeWein
John and Colleen Downey
Shirley Ehrlich
Anna Ellis
Mark and Diana Fehler
Ron and Marianne Fehler
Alan and Diane Franco
Jessica Fridge
Trista and Sean Friloux
Rebecca Froneyberger
Mark and Stephanie Jane Geiger
Sean Gerowin
Caroline Goliwas
Ilana and Aaron Graben
Seth Hargett
Daniel and Laurel Harlin
Patricia and Gerald Hasselman
Alan Heath
Kristina Hoang
Philip Kantoff
Dorian Kimbrough
Ronald and Erma Kimbrough
Camalla Kimbrough
Eric Kirzner
Trent Koland
Chris Koller
Dr. Edward and Vicki Lazarus
Alicia Mastrian
George Mauer
Jill and Josh Mayer
Jack Meehan
Vivek Mehra
Ayesha and Aaron Motwani
Sara Orton
Michael Parker
Matthew Parker-Lavine
Lauren Pinero
Mary Ann Pittman
Joseph and Ginny Prejean
Lindsay Roffe
Larry and Marsha Rothman
Robert Rothman
Susan Rousseau
Joy and Jimmy Roussel
Doreen Savell
Jennifer and Robert Schecter
William Schecter
Andrew and Emily Schiller
Sherry Sieg
Gregory Smith
Thomas Spiker
David and Jennifer Strauss
Jason Steele and Brad Watson
Shannon Stefanski
Claire Stewart
Emma Strain
Katherine Sutton
Gregory Swanson
Stacy Swanson and Mark Winograd
Eugene Terk
Erin Tully
Benjamin Vail
William Wardius
Lindsay Weber
Christine White
Kristen White
Melanie White
Chris and Maria Wilkinson
Steven and Jan Yellin
Moises Yoselevitz

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