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Kids improv classes starting July 11th

NEW ORLEANS – Want to get that sweet and hilarious introvert out of their shell?  Want to focus your little extroverts energy to better communicate with others?  Spend a fun week with us, Funny Bones Improv, improving your child’s creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills.

Funny Bones Improv is happy to announce a week long intensive session for children ages 8-13.  Classes start Monday July 11th and will be taught by Funny Bones Improv Player, Josh Toups. We are excited to hold these sessions at the beautiful Hotel Indigo located in the heart of the Garden District at Hotel Indigo – 2203 St Charles Ave., New Orleans, LA 70130. There is a limit to 12 students for this session and a fee of $225.00 per student.

Can’t wait? Sign up right here!

Study the fundamentals of improvisation with us. Your child will learn the four ‘c’s of improv: creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication. All of which has the added bonus of teaching patience, instilling self-confidence and respect for other performers. This non-judgmental process spills over into everyday life and we bet your entire family will soon be saying, “Yes…and?

Is your child already involved with theater? Join us and the games we teach will help your child work well with an ensemble, gain experience with character work and has the potential to put them ahead of the game when it comes to casting.

Deana Criess, director of ImprovBoston’s National Touring Company said it best on KQED last year, “Improv enthusiasts rave about its educational value. Not only does it hone communication and public speaking skills, it also stimulates fast thinking and engagement with ideas. On a deeper level, improv chips away at mental barriers that block creative thinking — that internal editor who crosses out every word before it appears on a page — and rewards spontaneous, intuitive responses. Because improv depends on the group providing categorical support for every answer, participants also grow in confidence and feel more connected to others.” (Click here to hear the entire interview – it’s a good one!)

I bet you are wondering what X-Area means, right? Well, the first book that gave specific techniques for learning to do and teach improvisational theater was written by Viola Spolin and there she recalls how she often used the word intuition to explain improvisation. But with time, she decided that word was overused and that is no longer explained the free area your brain goes when improvising…so she coined the term X-area.


  • Classes: April 11 – 15, from 4:00 – 5:30
  • See your kids perform – April 16th – 2PM
  • Hotel Indigo – 2203 St Charles Ave., New Orleans, LA 70130
  • Fee: $225
  • Class limit to 12 Children
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Get your Barnyard Belly laugh t-shirt, bag or poster right here!

Your purchase supports our mission and you get a really cute shirt or bag or poster.

Screens for Good, a new company from Dirty Coast, is dedicated solely to working with non-profits and causes to help us raise the necessary funds and awareness we all need. We are beyond thrilled to be included in the first round of participating non-profits!

T-Shirts are available in Men’s, Women’s and Kid’s sizes and grab a canvas bag too. If you love the laughing animals as much as we do and want to see them everyday…you can even order a poster.

The Barnyard Belly Laugh series will be for sale for 4 weeks only and Screens for Good will share all profits 50/50 – Sale ends June 22nd.

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Here we are celebrating the Barnyard Animals at Cooter Brown’s in New Orleans. (We’re all holding the poster, btw)



The photo’s are from our T-Shirt reveal party on May 26th at Cooter Brown’s. Thanks to Cooter Brown’s and to everyone that came out to help us raise our glasses and some money to kick-off this campaign! We had a blast.


You Don’t Know the Half of it.

NEW ORLEANS – We are so excited for the next You Don’t Know the Half of it that we asked to be there with them and they said, “Yes”! So buy your tickets now – it sold out last time real fast. And come say hi to us – we’ll be there at a table sharing our stories and stickers and magnets.

You Don’t Know the Half of It has been serving up belly laughs since January of 2012. Here’s how it works: Four brand new scripts are commissioned and then split into halves. One half goes to one actor and the other half to another. The actors never see the whole scene. Then on the night of the show, each actor is paired with an improviser. The only rules of the game are: 1) the actor always has the first line, and 2) the actor must remain loyal to the script no matter what the improviser conjures up. Every show features all local writers, actors and improvisers, from organizations all over the city.

Throughout the course of this eight-scene evening, all four original scenes play out one side at a time. The outcomes are always outrageous. For example, a scene with two people arguing about their goat herd, turns into one scene about a goat sacrifice and another about a goat outbreak suppressed by overzealous cops. Or, a scene about an apocalyptic alien attack, morphs into one about someone who only communicates by singing in rhyming couplets and another about two brothers battling alien scum via rock opera.

What’s more, each interlude is filled with music from You Don’t Know the Band comprising members of Sweet Crude, Alexis & the Samurai, Johnny Sketch & the Dirty Notes and The Plus One show.

Over the course of its four-year history, this show has showcased more than 165 local artists: playwrites, actors, improvisers and musicians. This comedic theatrical romp offers a one-of-a-kind experience every time and is not to be missed.

WHO: The Writers: Erica Goostrey, Megan Eileen Kosmoski, Kenny Lass & Brian Sands The Actors: Tracey Collins, Martin Covert, Ashley Ricord Santos, & Philip Yiannopoulus The Improvisers: Grace Blakeman, Ian Hoch, Chris Kaminstein, & Emily Slazer

You Don’t Know the Band: It’s always a surprise….

WHEN: Sunday June 5th Doors at 7PM, Show starts at 7:30 PM
WHERE: Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre, 616 St. Peter Street, New Orleans, LA
HOW: Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at Le Petit’s Website,