Our Mission

Funny Bones Improv is a registered 501c3 charitable organization. Our mission is to share the gifts and benefits of laughter with sick children, their families, and their caregivers, in multiple hospitals across Chicago and New Orleans through volunteer comedy improvisation performances.

Hospital visits and long-term stays can be stressful for everyone, especially children. Through Funny Bones Improv, we provide children with an opportunity to play with laughter and hopefully brighten their day, add a smile and a hearty laugh to reduce their stress.

2018 Board of Directors / Staff

Board of Directors:
Jolene Fehler – Chair
Jill West - Vice Chair
Robert Rothman – Secretary
Greg Smith – Treasurer
Tom Daly – Director
Camalla Kimbrough – Director
Stephan Bernick – Director
Dana Smiles – Director

Sarah Beth James - Program Manager
Emily Slazer - New Orleans Director
Kristin Moran - Chicago Director

Meet the Staff and our Founder

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Emily Slazer, New Orleans Director

Kristin Moran, Chicago Director

Jolene Fehler, Founder

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