Join The Laughter Society Today and Spread Some Smiles!

We have been performing in hospitals on a monthly basis since 2008. Today, we have eleven shows a month booked in hospitals across Chicago and New Orleans!

We are ready to take our programming to the next level but we can’t do it without financial support from the communities we serve. I welcome your inquiries and would love to meet with you should our mission speak to your philanthropic needs. Briefly, your support would help us with some supplies like the gifts we leave for the children or printing our playbook meant to help with the endless hours spent waiting in hospital rooms and our company t-shirts!  We are also looking for a permanent home where we can rehearse, offer improv classes to children and open our doors for community performances.

If you are ready to support our mission, please join us as a monthly member of the Laughter Society.  If you have questions or ideas you’d like to share, please contact us at Thank you for your support!

Join the Laughter Society!

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As a registered 501c3 public charity, Funny Bones Improv is able to provide charitable receipts to all of our members.

Here’s a quick look at what your donation covers:

  • $40 – Helps us make ONE child smile.
  • $75 – Provides TEN Funny Bones Improv Games Books.
  • $150 – Pays for medals to be given away at THREE shows.
  • $300 – Covers the costs for ONE show.
  • $500 – Loads us up with new props.
  • $1000 – Keeps us looking spiffy in company t-shirts for ONE year.
  • $2500 – Pays for ONE show/month at ONE hospital for ONE year.
  • $5000 – Pays for TWO shows/month at ONE hospital for ONE year

*The Laughter Society is A Sustaining Membership and that is an unrestricted annual gift that you can pay in a convenient, ongoing way. Each month, we will charge your credit or debit card or withdrawal from your debit or credit card. Your Sustaining Membership will automatically renew each year unless you choose to cancel or change it. You can increase, decrease or stop your donation at any time by calling us at (504.316.8012). Donors are crucial to providing an ongoing base of community support – join Funny Bones Improv and help spread the smiles.