And this…

And for your Thursday insight into Funny Bones Improv, read here why Susan loves being a player. She is one of our players that has been a member in both New Orleans AND Chicago and we love her back for sure. That's Susan 2nd from the top in both the photo's above.

I love Funny Bones Improv for several reasons, but the one that keeps me coming back is the fact that every show is a moment where everyone involved is happy. I love being a part of that. I love being silly with others for silly’s sake. Especially, since it is for families and children who need it most. My last Funny Bones show in New Orleans is something that I will never forget. (Don’t worry I’m with Funny Bones Chicago now! They can’t get rid of me! I’d like to see them try!) We visited a little girl in the ICU unit. She was too sick to come to the show, so we went to her. We all pretended she was princess, and the smile on her face is something I’ll never forget.

Caroline, Chelsea and Susan ARE a Three Headed Expert for sure.

Each of our games begins with the spinning of the "Wheel of Improv" and from there, we're off! Two Headed Expert is a game we play that usually has 3 players - one serving as the 'interviewer' and two as the 'expert' (one expert with two heads!) The players playing the 'expert' speak in unison. Not an easy task, as you can imagine...there's no script, it's all made up on the spot. So adding a 3rd head to the 'expert' THEN asking that expert to sing the answers in front of an audience sounds like an anxiety nightmare to most people, but not to our team! Check out our three headed singing expert (Caroline, Chelsea and Susan) video below.

THREE headed expert...singing, no less.