And this…

Closing out this week of stories with one from Jill, our Program Director in Chicago. Jill is a champion of so many! In addition to the hours she dedicates to Funny Bones Improv, she is the founder and producer of Storytown, a fully improvised, interactive story for children 3-10 years old and their families. If you are in Chicago and have children, go see this show! And if you see Jill out and about, tell her thanks for making the lives of so many a bit brighter. (That’s Jill, 2nd from the right, in the photo above)

The other week, I taught a workshop in partnership with Waterford Place in Aurora. I drove from class in Glenview hoping to make it in time. Workshops are a great pleasure of mine because families have a time to focus on working together and creating comedy together. Family members come out of their shell and shine. Moms and dads are bold and silly as an example to their children to at least try.

I always try and make it a habit to be the last person to leave. Yes, I have to drive back to Chicago late, but that’s not important in the grand scheme of things. So I linger. I thank everyone for letting me be part of their event. I applaud children for giving it their all. I answer questions about my training. I field questions about Saturday Night Live.

As a father and I are about to leave, he shakes my hand and thanks me. Then he stops. He asks if he can hug me. He thanks me again. He reminds me that the shortest distance between two people in a laugh and that I brought those laughs with me.

Those families now have this memory of sharing a laugh together. I will fade from that memory and that is as it should be. It’s about bringing them together and bringing a happy memory for them to share and remember. We do it for this dad who now has improv games to play with his family. It’s for the mom of the boy who swore he was having the worst day of his life and then laughed his tush off for an hour. It’s for the little boy who was excited that this would be his last show because he now got to come home but would teach his family all the fun things he learned in the hospital.

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know us better this week and please know how dedicated the whole team is to Funny Bones Improv.  Now is the time for you to join us with a contribution. We are looking to the communities we serve to let us know they value and support our efforts.

Please help us continue to bring laughter and joy to some of the most vulnerable children and their families by donating today.