That's Sarah in the middle with Chrissy and Stuart.

This…this is why.

Funny Bones Improv performs 11 shows a month between Chicago and New Orleans! That is a lot of shows. You may have already been aware of that but I’d like you to hear first hand why we do what we do. This first story is from player, Sarah Barnhardt.

Most of the kids in our FBI audiences are under 12 years old.  One night at Rush Children’s Hospital, we did a bedside show for a teenage girl.  When we walked in the room, she was in bed, her mom was sitting next to her, and a friend was on Skype.  She had quite a few wires attached to her head.  I immediately thought we might have to work a little harder to make an older patient laugh.  She was all smiles from the start!  She started giggling as soon as we introduced ourselves, and proceeded to laugh at everything we did.  She gave us a lot of great suggestions.  The most memorable was when we asked, “What is one of your favorite gifts you have ever received?” and she held up an emoji pillow given to her by her Skype friend.  He participated and gave us suggestions as well!  Her beautiful and strong spirit was so evident in the short amount of time we spent with her.  Funny Bones Improv brings so much joy to so many people.  Myself included.  I love this incredibly wonderful organization.

That is why! Thanks for sharing Sarah. That’s Sarah in the middle up there in the photo with Chrissy and Stuart.

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