I Want to Bring Funny Bones Improv to My City!

Fantastic!  First, fill out this survey and then we’ll all talk about how to make that happen.  There are no wrong answers, btw…so be honest and let’s get Funny Bones Improv up and running in your city!

Want more info right away?

Here ya go – each new city will need a Program Director (we are all set in Chicago, IL and New Orleans, LA.)   The Program Director is an independent contractor position and reports directly to the Executive Director and where necessary, the board. Are you a talented, committed, passionate player who believes in our mission and is focused on managing our performances? Then this is for you…


The program director will be responsible for the following:

  • Ensure show summaries for all shows are tracked each month and information is transferred to the google form. Reports to be sent to the Executive Director via email each month
  • Track attendance data in a pre-existing attendance spreadsheet each month
  • Book players for each show at least one month in advance. To ensure accurate completion, the Director must also gather player’s availability to prepare the schedule. Ensure this is communicated no later than rehearsal each month.
  • Book rehearsal space for each month and identify what to cover based on show summaries, in coordination with the Executive Director. Ensure players are communicated to, about date and time of rehearsal. Participate where necessary in management of rehearsal with Executive Director
  • Manage social media/Web updates on a regular basis by posting statuses on Facebook and Twitter
  • Take a camera to as many shows as possible and submit 2-5 pictures monthly to the Executive Director for the website gallery
  • Ensure there are enough supplies for all shows – print name tags as required, print and cut surveys as required and submit any requests for additional supplies that run low or break to the Executive Director

It is expected that these responsibilities will take up to a maximum of 20 hours per month. There are no specific requirements that these tasks be completed during daytime, evening or weekend hours.

Important note: While it doesn’t cost much to start-up Funny Bones Improv in a new city, it does cost some and we will need to identify at least $5K of new revenue before we can commit to your city.  We can do that! Just know that is also a requirement before we launch in your town.

I Want to Be a Funny Bones Improv Volunteer!

Oh good!

Then you are in the right place.

We have a quick form you will need to fill out – click right here and we’ll be in touch once you submit the info. There are no wrong answers, btw. We just need a bit of info to start the conversation.  They are many ways you can volunteer and if you are interested in helping in ways other than improvising with us then please email chicagodirector@funnybonesimprov.com if you are in Chicago or neworleansdirector@funnybonesimprov.com if you are in New Orleans.

I Want to Offer Financial Support to Bring Funny Bones Improv to My City!

That’s great news!

We need a commitment of $5K to start Funny Bones Improv in a new city. We need help buying t-shirts, prize wheels, playbooks, and renting rehearsal space.  Your name will be visible as a supporter of our mission.  If you have questions or want to share some ideas please contact us at laugh@funnybonesimprov.com.

If you are ready to support us click here.

Thank you!