The Funny Bones Improv Players


Josh Toups

Josh Toups has a BA in Theatre from LSU and is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory in Chicago. He has taught and performed Theatre and Improvisation world wide from New Orleans to Japan. He is currently teaching 4th and 5th Grade at Encore Academy.


Alex DiVirgilio

Alex DiVirgilio is thrilled to be a member of Funny Bones. He grew up in Buffalo where he was an ensemble member of ComedySportz. In Chicago, he can be seen at MCL, Storytown, and ComedySportz. He is a graduate of iO’s improv program. His day job is teaching 2- and 3-year-olds as well as driving their […]


Kristen Rau

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Kristen is a graduate of the iO and Annoyance improv training centers in Chicago and the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York, and is a proud ensemble member of the Chicago-based Under the Gun Theater. Beyond Funny Bones, you can catch her making up uke songs for her friends, performing weekly […]


Susan Gordon

Susan Gordon is an actress, improviser, and creator native to New Orleans, Louisiana. She moved to Chicago last August to pursue a career in acting after receiving her Bachelors Degree in Film Studies from the University of New Orleans. Her credits include small day playing parts on the television shows Chicago PD and Empire, and […]

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Shannon Kelly

Shannon Kelly is thrilled to have worked with the talented players of Funny Bones since 2012.  Originally from Minnesota, she is a career scientist with a curiosity for most things, including things absurd and things nonsensical.  She has studied writing and performance at Second City, iO, Annoyance Theater and Green Shirt Studio.  She believes that […]


Ellen Tharp

Ellen Tharp was introduced to Funny Bones in 2014 as a senior at Tulane University studying Digital Media Production. Originally involved as a film/media intern, she began performing and fell in love. She currently resides in Chicago, where she continues to study improv with the Second City Conservatory program and recently rejoined Funny Bones with […]

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Mike Olifirowicz

Mike Olifirowicz has been a member of Funny Bones since 2012. A Chicago native, he has been doing improv and stand-up comedy in and around town for the past seven years. He has been leveraging his degree in Computer Science from Loyola University to feed himself and his family since HBO has not yet offered […]

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Val Rock

Val Rock is very excited to be joining the cast of Funny Bones Improv! She started out doing improv with Kansas State University’s own On The Spot Improv. She then performed short form comedy as an ensemble member at Comedy City in Kansas City, MO. Since moving to Chicago, she has graduated from the Second […]


Stuart Allard

Stuart Allard has been a member of Funny Bones since September 2012. He has been trained at Second City, iO, and The Annoyance, and is also a graduate of Second City’s prestigious conservatory program. Stuart is also the brains behind the Facebook comedy page Stu News. He is a native of the Chicago suburbs.


Greg Callozzo

Greg Callozzo has been playing with Funny Bones Improv from the very start–he remembers practicing short-form games with Jolene in a friend’s basement in 2008. Trained in theater at Boise State University, Second City Conservatory, iO, Annoyance and ComedySportz (Madison and Milwaukee), Greg is a working Chicago actor, director and producer. He has adapted Vonnegut […]


Gavin Donnellan

Gavin Donnellan has been a member of Funny Bones since 2012! He is a graduate of the iO improvisation program, as well as the Conservatory, Music Conservatory, and Writing programs at Second City. Gavin also performs with Storytown, where he does musical improv for kids. He can be seen performing improv for grown ups too as one part […]


Shawn Bush

Shawn Bush is excited and proud to be a member of the Funny Bones organization. Shawn began his comedic journey improvising at American University and performing on the WIT Harold Team, “Breaker Breaker” in Washington, DC. Shawn has completed the improv curriculum at iO, Annoyance, and Washington Improv Theater and has performed at festivals such as the Del […]


Jolene Fehler

Funny Bones Improv founder, Jolene Fehler has been training and performing improvisation since 2001 in Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago and New Orleans.  Funny Bones Improv began at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago in April 2008. Jolene has also been certified as a Laughter Yoga Leader since December 2008 and in April 2010; Jolene took the next step […]


Chelsea David

Chelsea Dàvid is a native of Louisiana and has been pursuing acting and improvisation in Chicago since 2012. A member of Funny Bones since 2013, She is thrilled to continue to be a part of such a wonderful organization! Previous Chicago credits include Macbeth (The Arc Theatre), The Emperor’s New Clothes (Windy City Players), Collaboraction’s Final Sketchbook Festival (2016), and Michael […]

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Kristin Schmitz

Kristin Schmitz is a California Bay Area native and has been acting and improvising in Chicago since 2014. She holds a BA in Theatre Arts with a minor in Musical Theatre from Santa Clara University. Kristin loves working with children and has performed for young audiences all over the country. Currently she is a member […]

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Maggie Dempsey

Maggie Dempsey is a comedienne in Chicago, IL.  She is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory and the IO theater.  She can be seen performing sketch and improv all over the city, at venues such as Second City, MCL, Stage 773, IO, and the Public House Theater.  By day, she is a project manager […]


Jenny Finkel

Jenny Finkel has proudly performed with Funny Bones Improv in two cities: as a founding member in New Orleans, from 2009-2011, and then as a player in Chicago, where she also served as Director for two years. As an improvisor, Jenny has performed all over the country, from Philadelphia to Portland. She works full-time as […]

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Sarah Beth James

Sarah Beth is a graduate of the MFA Film and Theatre Performance program at the University of New Orleans. She found her love of the stage during her year as Miss Mississippi, which later enabled her to continue her studies in Spain, Italy, and Ireland. In addition to travel, ice cream, and the great outdoors, […]


Mikey Curren

Mikey Curren is a native of New Orleans. He greatly enjoys his time with Funny Bones Improv. It is a pleasure to work with so many loving and talented performers. Performing for the children has been one of my greatest joys. It is an honor to play a part in what we do.


Jon-Michael Armstrong

Jon-Michael Armstrong is grateful to get to serve  as a Funny Bones Improv actor. He’s performed short form, long form, genre, & sketch comedy in over a 1,000 shows. Jon-Michael has taught improv to all ages & levels, on his own & through companies such as the Improv Playhouse (iP), Chicago Improv Productions, & the […]


Emily Slazer

Emily Slazer is a south Louisiana native and a graduate of Centenary College of Louisiana, where she studied Theatre. Emily has studied improv with a number of institutions over the years, and she has been involved in education programs for young artists throughout the state. Emily is a graduate of and performer with The New […]

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Chris Bashen

Chris has been a writer, improviser, actor, and director in the Chicagoland area for close to 10 years. He originally hails from Nashville, Tennessee, and then moved to Virginia to study acting and directing at Shenandoah Conservatory. After touring with several children’s theatre companies (Hampstead Players, Theatre IV) Chris finally landed in Chicago. In the […]

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Andy Rich

Andy Rich originally started improvisational theater to augment his career as a healthcare consultant.  He found improv classes to be much like Lays Potato Chips, where “you can’t just have one.”  One class turned into five & he quickly found himself performing as a feature player in the Comedy Shrine’s Family Time, Whose Line & […]

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Michael Brackney

Michael Brackney, “Brack”, is jazzed to be a part of Funny Bones Improv by helping kids and parents laugh around the city. He was born and raised in Arizona and moved to Chicago 2013. Soon after the move, he fell in love with improvisation. He continues to learn and play around the city. Currently, he is […]


Bethany Coan

Bethany Coan is a graduate of and a performer at The New Movement Theater in New Orleans. She is part of Tangents, a documentary-style improv troupe and Marionette, a multi-media sketch group. Bethany was once described by a teammate as “the Kevin Bacon of the group.” When she’s not performing, she can be found running […]


Chrissy Bruzek

Chrissy Bruzek is proud to be a member of Funny Bones and loves spreading laughter to those who need it. She is a featured player of The Cupid Players, a Scribble Bibble veteran, and has performed at the Chicago Women’s Funny Fest, Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival and Austin’s Out of Bounds Fest. She is a […]


Caroline Nash

Caroline Nash is a graduate of UNC Greensboro. She is a graduate of both the Conservatory and Music Conservatory programs at Second City and is taking classes at the Annoyance. She can also be seen around the city performing with After Party, Buzzed Broadway, Dead Broads Yapping, the Dinner Detective, Eastwood, and Storytown. If you’re bored, you can find her […]


Sarah Barnhardt

Sarah Barnhardt is an actor, comedian, voiceover artist, and emcee from Winston-Salem, NC. Her favorite Funny Bones moment was performing a show for one child who nicknamed her “Coolness.” Sarah is a graduate of The Second City Training Center’s Writing, Music, and Conservatory programs, and has also trained at The Annoyance and The Playground.  She performs solo sketch and is a […]


Jamie Paro

Jamie Paro was first introduced to improv her Junior year at Tulane University, while studying with The New Movement. She was quickly enthralled with all that improv had to offer. After graduating in 2015 with a BA in Communications and Anthropology, she moved back down to New Orleans eager to find a new improv outlet. […]


Jill deRosas

Jill deRosas got her improv start with Funny Bones Improv when she was a Tulane student intern. She loved the organization and the craft so much that she continued to stay involved with Funny Bones and has been a performer since 2013. She considers herself very lucky to work with so many talented performers that care […]